The Jackrabbit Advocates is a grassroots coalition of alumni, students, and friends of South Dakota State University who share a dedication to public higher education in South Dakota and to SDSU.  Members are called upon to build relationships with their legislators and interact with them about specific issues as they relate to public higher education and SDSU. 


The Jackrabbit Advocates will be a self-governing body, under the SDSU Alumni Association, representing the independent voice of the Alumni Association.  It will be a strong and collaborative partner with South Dakota State University.  The Jackrabbit Advocates will demonstrate professionalism and build lasting relationships with its constituencies. 

Guiding Values

SDSU serves a unique role as South Dakota’s largest public research, and land-grant University.  Reinvesting in the powerful economic engine represented by SDSU will be critical to the future of our state and the well being of our 75,000 plus alumni, as well as, our fellow citizens of South Dakota.  We believe the stage is set to ensure quality public higher education for today’s students, improve accessibility and affordability for tomorrow’s students, and provide the support that will attract further outside investment in research to improve the lives of all South Dakotans and fuel our state’s economy in the changing times ahead.


Jackrabbit Advocates communicate the needs of public higher education and SDSU to the South Dakota Legislature.  Informed advocates help strengthen SDSU.
Jackrabbit Advocates agree to do the following:
  • Stay informed
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Make contact with legislators
  • Provide the Jackrabbit Advocates, Alumni Association, and South Dakota State University feedback

If you are interested in becoming a Jackrabbit Advocate in your area, please fill out our "Be an Advocate" form using the button provided below.  Also, if you would like more detailed information on our "Operating Guidelines" a button is provided for that as well.