Chelsea Molden

Sabrina Raddle
Vice President

Rachel Gibbons

Staters for State
The Student Chapter of the SDSU Alumni Association

Brookings, SD

Staters for State is the student chapter of the SDSU Alumni Association. We work to promote SDSU, encourage student leadership, and establish a connection between SDSU alumni and current students. We are comprised of students from all majors, class years, and backgrounds.

Our slogan is, "Once a Student, Forever an Alum" and we require all students to go through an extensive fingerprint test and interview with the rabbit - not really but we do appreciate your commitment!

Now comes the fun part! Staters for State plans and hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the academic year design to foster a relationship between SDSU students and to introduce alumni to current student leaders on campus.

We all know how busy college life is. We've been there! That's why Staters for State makes the most of your commitment by providing you with awesome opportunities that maximize your time and efforts. Your output outweighs your input, making Staters worth the time!

Benefits to you...

Every line needs a leader, even if it's the lunch line! With Staters, you get the opportunity to lead by taking part in the developmental stages of the various events we host.

It's not only what you know, but who you know! Members work closely with the Alumni Association and key University members to gain valuable experience and advice. you'll meet and interact with alumni from around the country with various backgrounds and degrees, as well as, the Brookings community and beyond as coordination of events requires many outside elements.

That's right F-R-E-E! The most important four letter word you'll hear in college! Staters are eligible to receive free apparel, food , prizes and more!

Believe it or not, after graduation, you are expected to get a job! Being an active member of Staters for State is a great student organization to list on your resume and show your involvement as SDSU outside of academics.

What we do...

Who knew playing in the mud could be so much fun? Oozeball, a mud volleyball tournament, has become a tradition on campus for over twenty years and is hosted by Staters. We are responsible for many of SDSU's premier and traditional events including:

  • Sizzling Summer Kickoff
  • Oozeball
  • Family of the Year
  • Alumni Tailgates
  • Jackrabbit Birthday Bash
  • Fall Convocation
  • Other Chapter Events

Don't we sound important!?
Besides hosting all kinds of events, we have monthly meetings to take care of business including the formations of committees to plan our events. All work and no play makes the jackrabbit a dull bunny; therefore, we like to have fun every now and then. So we make sure to have fun along the way.

Becoming a Stater...
We are used to mobs of students rushing to join Staters for State so we understand your excitement. We congratulate you on it! Give us a call at 605-697-5198 or stop in at the Tompkins Alumni Center (across from the Campanile) and talk to Annie Spaulding, Staters for State Advisor. If we had free texting we would totally offer that as a form of communication but our boss won't let us text at work!