5.2.13 Mark Johnston resigning as District 12 senator for Sanford promotion -


4.5.13 Funding of Public Higher Education (Article)  : Link

3.28.13 End of Session: Bill History  Link

2.28.13 (Focus on HB1185) LegislativeScore Card: Sources & Uses

2.1.13 Conference Call Recap

  • Board of Regents Budget Hearing Presentation (PDF)
  • Campus Presentations (PDF)
  • SB 177
  • HB 1190
  • SB 10
  • SB 11

1.30.13 Live audio of the Senate and the House of Representatives for 2/4/13 2:00 PM  Link

1.25.13 Meeting Recap 

  • HB 1134
  • Committee contact info for HB 1134  Link
  • SB 177

1.23.13 Meeting Recap 

1.11.13 Article of Interest from Nebraska Link

1.10.13 BOR FY '13 Board of Regents Fact Book (PDF)

1.9.13 State of the State Address [video] Link

1.8.13 Specific House Bills of Interest:

1.7.13 Governor State of the State Address Link

1.7.13  The article notes the effect of the legislation approved last week on certain higher education programs, taxes and federal spending.  .  .  . Link 


Jackrabbit Advocates - White Paper The Case for Grassroots Advocacy
2.22.11 Budget Hearing Slides (PDF)

2.22.11  SDSU Appropriations presentation (2-14) (PDF)

1.20.11 Press release concerning savings

1.24.11 BOR Speaking Points on the 10% Budget Proposal

1.24.11 BOR FY12 Budget Cut Allocation (excel)

2011 SD Board of Regents Economic Impact Report
 "How Highers Education Institutions Are Working to Revitalize Their Regional and State Economies"

2010 Legislative Session Bill List

South Dakota Legislature 2010 Session Bill List (Link)

Board of Regents Fact Book 2010 (PDF)

Joint Appropriations Committee Budget Hearing Schedule Jan. 21-22, 2010 (DOC)

FY11 Tuition and Fees (PDF)

FY11 Tuition and Mandatory Fees (PDF)

Candidate Questions
2009 Legislature search screen

2009 Legislature members, alphabetically

2009 Legislative Session Tracker

2009 Board of Regents PowerPoint presentation - Charting a Course (Powerpoint)

2009 Federal Stimulus State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (DOC)

2009 HB 1257–Right to possess a firearm on the campuses of public higher institutions of higher education (PDF)

2009 HB 1077 Speaking Points (PDF)

2009 HB 1183–Higher Education Center (description)

2009 HB1298–Issues to Consider if the Legislature Closes A University (PDF)

2009 Map of South Dakota with SDSU Alumni by county (PDF)

2009 Bills relating to Higher Education (excel)

2009 Legislative calendar (PDF)

Talking Points Outside Compensation (DOC)

Federal Stimulus State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (DOC)

FY11 Governor's Budget Recommendations (DOC)

FY11 Governor's Budget Recommendations (excel)

FY11 Recommended Base (excel)

BOR – Budget Hearings Presentation (PDF)